Searching for any fun activity for any snowy day? Make frozen treats from snow! With simply 4 simple ingredients this recipe is scrumptious, quite simple and a lot of fun! I understand, I understand, you most likely wish to relax while watching hearth having a warm cup of hot cacao, but there are just a lot of fun steps you can take within this windy weather, so strap in your boots, grab a bowl, and run outdoors to gather some fresh snow. It'll just take a couple of minutes, I promise!
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 4 Tablespoons sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla flavoring
  • dash of salt
  • 8 glasses of fresh snow
  1. Mix together the milk, sugar, salt and vanilla flavoring.
  2. Collect 8 glasses of fresh snow.
  3. Add some snow towards the milk mixture and mix.
  4. Top together with your favourite sprinkles and revel in!
Among the best reasons for this recipe is the fact that unless of course you're in desperate necessity of visiting the supermarket, you likely curently have many of these ingredients in your own home. You don’t need any special equipment, and on top of that, you simply need a few minutes to place it altogether.

I made use of the snow on the top in our patio table (which regrettably never managed to get in to the shed for storage this winter… oops!). My hope was that because it was up off the floor, it had been not as likely the squirrels, rabbits along with other critters brave enough to stay around for that winter had trotted through it. It had been white-colored and clean so that’s adequate for me personally!
Add some snow towards the milk mixture and blend before the texture and colour are consistent. It winds up being slightly fluffy. Not the exact consistency of frozen treats, however, this takes under a few minutes and we're using snow here, so be reasonable together with your expectations.
Obviously, my two women absolutely loved dealing with put sprinkles on the top of the frozen treats. These were so excited after i brought out the rarely used box of various sprinkles and allow them to determine which one they wanted. Nearly as excited as after i stated i was permitted to consume the snow on that day!

Make sure to eat it immediately, since it melts rapidly! So far as top quality ice creams go, don’t get too excited. You're virtually mixing together snow (water), milk and sugar. Therefore it does taste similar to watered lower frozen treats. But it’s still tasty, and also the novelty beats any type of expectation for gourmet frozen treats.
I bet this could taste equally scrumptious with a mug of chocolate milk rather from the milk and sugar. Instant chocolate snow frozen treats!

This recipe is quite simple! You are able to throw together 4 simple things that you most likely curently have inside your cupboards and make the very best snow day treat ever. Leah’s eyes illuminated after i stated we would make snow frozen treats and really consume the snow! It might be far too late within the season with this wherever you reside (I understand many of us are crossing our fingers for winter to become over!) but make sure to save this recipe for the coming year!