English muffin pizza

British Muffin Pizza

Kids LOVE pizza. Really I believe pizza can be a household favorite within our house. We enjoy making large pizzas with fresh dough but that may be time intensive on busy days. Making pizza on British muffins is fast and simple! Obviously you can substitute the British muffins for pizza dough or naan bread too.


Pizza toppings if making the snowman pizzas we used black olives, orange and red peppers and bread sticks. Don forget pepperoni if you enjoy making a normal pepperoni pizza.

Steps to make

1. Preheat oven to 350 levels F. Break open your British muffin after which incorperate your pizza sauce.

2. Top with the selection of cheese  we love to to make use of mozzarella particularly if you creating a snowman pizza because you would like your snowman to become white-colored!

3. Now incorperate your toppings or snowman facial expression! We used black olives for that mouth and eyes. An orange pepper for that nose. Red peppers for that scarf and bread sticks for that arms.

We cooked our pizzas within the oven, nevertheless, you can prepare these questions toaster, or microwave too!

1. First, toast your British muffins inside a conventional toaster

2. Adding your pizza sauce and cheese.

3. Make the microwave on the low setting to melt the cheese. Watch carefully and begin with simply 10-just a few seconds at any given time. Microwave cooking can differ.

4. Incorperate your toppings after your cheese is melted. You won have the ability to prepare your toppings but you should use precooked pepperoni to include on the top.